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Atomized cartridge

Atomized cartridge

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The atomized cartridge will make you relax for a moment, because a cartridge of atomized cartridge is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, and the cartridge of the atomized cartridge has a large capacity of 1.5ml, so one can meet the demand for multiple cigarettes. . The atomized cartridge is made of food grade material, which is heavy and sealed, plug and play, and it is very convenient to change the bomb in one second. Atomized cartridges come in a variety of flavors to meet a variety of individual needs, giving people more and more exciting, and e-cigarette manufacturers add fruit scent, natural plants, glycerin, during the manufacture of cartridges. Food grade propylene glycol, plant extracts, natural flavors, nicotine salts, will not have the taste of tobacco, nor will it cause bad breath, and the fruity flavor of the fragrance will not bring unpleasant feelings to the surrounding people. It also simulates the amount of real smoking smoke just right, simulating the amount of cigarette smoke, bringing a stronger taste experience without getting caught. However, please remind people who are allergic to alcohol, heart disease, high blood pressure, patients with respiratory diseases, pregnant and lactating women, and minors. Consumers can also choose to buy a disposable atomizing stick , which has similar efficacy.

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Atomized cartridge

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