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The world's first dual-smoke bomb design POD cigarettes came out, HUABO unique innovations blockbuster!

- 2019-06-03-

With Hong Kong's capital giants making a strong investment of 20 million yuan, Shenzhen Zhibai Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened the grand goal of laying out the domestic e-cigarette local market. To this end, Zhibo Weiye has set up a domestic brand division, focusing on the operation of its new brand HUABO (Hua Platinum), as well as the construction and promotion of domestic online and offline brand marketing and channels.

According to Zhibo Weiye He, the company's brand HUABO (Hua Platinum) R&D team has successfully designed the world's first dual-smoke bullet POD cigarette. After its launch, it has become a blockbuster in the industry and has won the favor and recognition of consumers.

1, dual smoke bomb design mode, bringing new experience to users

The new product is very different from the same type of products on the market. It is a new design concept that integrates the double load of the host to give consumers a unique new experience. That is, a device can be inserted into the upper and lower ends of the device, and the user can insert two cartridges at the same time, which not only avoids the trouble of carrying the spare cartridge and replacing the cartridge, but also enjoys two different flavors or different concentrations of nicotine. .

2, using a new generation of ceramic core atomization technology, a new cotton core structure as an alternative

The HUABO (Huabo) R&D team lasted for one year. After 288 repeated debugging and upgrading, it developed a very good new generation ceramic core atomization technology, with sufficient atomization, strong smoke and delicate taste. Extraordinary experience. In addition, a new cotton core structure was developed as an alternative to respond to the needs of some market customers, and successfully solved the problem of the taste change caused by the excessive injection and storage time of most cotton core structures on the market. It retains the advantage that the cotton core has a better taste on certain flavors.

3, carefully select smoke oil, pick taste, a variety of choices, and achieve strategic cooperation with high-end US tobacco oil suppliers

HUABO (Huabo) has designated foreign imports of nicotine and salt and flavor as raw materials, and has repeatedly tested and improved the products themselves, and has received repeated recommendations and suggestions from more than 100 new and old smokers and e-cigarette users in China. Ten flavors that are very popular in the market, including plain tobacco, classic tobacco (nut tobacco), blueberry flavor, mango flavor, grape flavor, mixed fruit, lychee ice, mung bean ice, grapefruit, red ice, old popsicle, etc. Multiple choices and needs.

In order to meet the demand of domestic consumers for imported high-end smoke oil, HUABO (Hua Platinum) team is currently in contact with some high-end tobacco oil suppliers in the United States. It is planned to adopt and introduce all the ingredients for the formulation and filling of American tobacco oil. To meet the high-end needs of domestic agents and users.

4, the host dual-mode chip driver, the details highlight the quality

The host has a built-in dual-mode chip to match the two-headed dual-smoke cartridges. The pneumatic buttonless triggers the mouthpiece and the airflow is smooth. The user can taste any cigarette flavor at any time. The battery is supplied by the mobile phone lithium battery supplier and can be repeatedly charged repeatedly. The host has a long life. The fuselage is made of aviation aluminum as a material, and it is oxidized and sprayed by mobile phone. The interface is a strong magnetic connection and seamlessly matches the cartridge. The operation is extremely simple and convenient.

5, brand channel maintenance, R standard control price, focus on offline channel promotion

HUABO brand will adhere to the promotion of offline store sales, online marketing promotion, R trademark and hire a professional team to carry out online and offline price control to protect the interests of agents at all levels across the country. The brand can not be built in a day, HUABO investors and the team are optimistic and committed to the domestic e-cigarette market, will grow together with partners, focus on users, create value, share profits, and build a good reputation and reputation of domestic e-cigarette brands. .

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