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Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Show ended, Hua Platinum HUABO double-smoke smoke is undoubtedly a big winner!

- 2019-06-03-

The annual Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Show in April is open as expected in the industry day and night, and it is still unsuccessful! More than 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, gathered at home and abroad 1500+ industry brands to promote the show. Among them, in addition to the representatives of established companies and Chinese tobacco companies, a large number of new brands participated.

exhibition site

Different from previous years, the small smoke with nicotine salt smoke liquid as the selling point in this exhibition is undoubtedly a big limelight. Almost all brands have brought new products of small smoke series. If you try to solve the problem of oil leakage and taste, and the design strength of the appearance, structure and function, the double-smoke smoke released by HUABO can be regarded as a powerful product in 3 days. It was unique during the exhibition and there were countless powders!

HUABO (Hua Platinum) double smoke bombs (dark blue)

According to the director of HUABO (Hua Platinum), the double-smoke smoke is the world's first small smoke designed with pneumatic switch + ceramic core technology + dual-smoke drive concept, which not only solves the problem of oil leakage, but also greatly limits It satisfies the user's taste experience, which is a great highlight and selling point. The so-called double-smoke bullets, simply put in the upper and lower ends of the device can be inserted into the cartridge, that is, the user can pre-install two identical or different flavors of cartridges on the device before going out, without carrying spare cartridges, easily Traveling, enough to enjoy the steam life of this day.

Schematic diagram of HUABO (Hua Platinum) double smoke bomb small smoke structure

HUABO (Hua Platinum) double-smoke small smoke, the shape is wide and flat, comfortable, light and portable. The operation is convenient, the suction is free, and there is no sense of disobedience. Strong endurance and a large number of suction ports.

Foreign customers experience HUABO Huabo double smoke bombs

HUABO (Hua Platinum) double-smoke smoke is mainly designed with six appearance colors such as dark green, dark blue, light pink, light gray, earth gold and black ink, as well as the introduction of plain tobacco, classic tobacco (nut tobacco), blueberry flavor and mango. 10 popular flavors such as flavor, grape flavor, mixed fruit, lychee ice, mung bean ice, grapefruit, red ice, and old popsicles, for users' multiple choices and needs.

HUABO (Hua Platinum) double smoke bomb small smoke family portrait

With the constant regulation of the electronic cigarette industry market, factors such as brand, technology, quality, and intellectual property rights will determine the future development status of a company and a partner. HUABO (Hua Platinum) double-smoke bombs are fully self-developed, designed and produced, and have patent property rights protection. After the full-scale intensity exposure of the electronic cigarette show, not only the products are widely known, but also favored and recognized, and the brand influence has also been greatly improved. HUABO (Hua Platinum) double-smoke bullets is undoubtedly a big winner, fame and fortune Receive!

HUABO (Hua Bo) double smoke bombs and small smoke exhibitions are highly sought after by customers

At present, HUABO (Hua Platinum) double-smoke bullets are recruiting partners at home and abroad to share the Xiaoyan Blue Sea market! For agents, brick-and-mortar stores and other channel providers, choosing HUABO (double-smoke) smoke is undoubtedly a wise move.

HUABO (Hua Platinum) is an e-cigarette new brand under the Shenzhen Zhibai Weiye Technology Co., Ltd., and has obtained a 20 million RMB investment from Hong Kong Lacco, a well-known investment company, and will fully deploy the growing electronic cigarettes in China. market. Different from the financing methods of most new brands in the market, Zhibai Weiye has won the favor and recognition of capital with years of experience in the development and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, as well as the business philosophy of focusing on new experiences and innovations.

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