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Common problems and precautions in the process of using e-cigarette products by novices

- 2019-03-20-

Nowadays, people who smoke are everywhere. Whether smoking is harmful to the body or environmental pollution, electronic cigarettes appear. When we encounter electronic cigarettes, smoking cessation is not a problem. The small coup to quickly quit smoking has since been born. Now, e-cigarette has become an e-cigarette product used by many people to quit smoking. There are many e-cigarette products on the market. Many people do not know how to choose which brand to be good for some non-professionals. In the case of new e-cigarettes, novices will encounter many incomprehensible problems, such as e-cigarettes, fever, and no smoke. And buying an e-cigarette brand is a very difficult problem.

The following explains the common problems and precautions in the use of e-cigarettes.

1. When the electronic cigarette works, the atomizer will make a squeak, which is the sound of the atomizer atomizing the smoke oil. On the contrary, if the atomizer does not sound or does not emit smoke, it is necessary to check whether the power source or the atomizer is abnormal.
2. After the atomizer is used for a long time, there will be condensation liquid condensed on the wall of the air inlet, which is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to clean the wipes frequently.
Third, frequent use will cause the device to heat up, which is a normal phenomenon. Proper operation and proper frequency of use will extend the life of the atomizing core and battery.
4. Please do not leave the battery for a long time, this will affect the battery life and battery life. It is recommended to charge the battery when it is in low battery state or when it is not used for a long time.

Five, it is recommended to match the taste of different smoky oils, DIY out of your favorite taste, enjoy healthy and interesting smoking.

If the novice is too troublesome, you can purchase the electronic cigarette products of Zhibai Weiye Technology Co., Ltd., and there are many flavors. Each electronic cigarette produced by Huabo Electronic Cigarette is an engineer from Huabo Electronic Cigarette. Careful and meticulous, and deeper research and development of e-cigarettes, consumers can use it with confidence.

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