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What are the main components of e-cigarette manufacturers in manufacturing e-cigarettes?

- 2019-03-20-

What is the composition of e-cigarette oil? As a substitute for smoking products, is there any harm to e-cigarettes? Will you quit the real smoke and addicted to e-cigarettes? It is harmless to smoke electronic cigarettes. Let us first understand the composition of electronic cigarette oil. E-cigarettes are the most popular smoking cessation products in recent years. People who use e-cigarettes know that a good e-cigarette device is inseparable from good e-cigarette oil. It can be said that e-cigarette is one. The main lifeline and core of e-cigarettes, the use of good brand e-cigarettes has a good effect and effect on smoking cessation. On the contrary, the use of bad e-cigarettes can cause harm to our bodies when it is serious, then e-cigarette oil What are the ingredients contained in it?

1. Propylene glycol: It is a common drug and food additive. It has hygroscopic moisture absorption, slightly sweet taste, colorless and odorless transparent liquid, and has good fluidity. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PG as "common to human health." It is one of the basic components of electronic cigarette smoke oil. It is mainly used as a carrier of flavor to enhance the taste of electronic cigarette smoke. It will generate a small amount of mist after heating and has a certain sense of throat.

2. Glycerin or glycerol: It is also a widely used raw material in daily life. You can see that many of the food, cosmetics and other ingredients marked on the packaging have "propylene glycol, glycerol." Glycerin will produce a lot of mist after heating. Generally, friends who use excessive smoke or drip atomizers should know that if they want to increase the amount of smoke, they need to add a lot of glycerin to the finished product to produce the ideal smoke. Glycerin is highly hygroscopic and very viscous. If the flowability of an electronic cigarette oil is very poor, it must be a high glycerin ratio. Such electronic cigarette smoke is very large, the flavor is slightly worse, and the throat feel is slightly weaker.

3. Fragrance: It goes without saying that it is to increase the flavor of electronic cigarette smoke. The combination of different flavors and proportions determines the flavor of an electronic cigarette smoke.

4. Additives include sweeteners: sour agents, throating agents, deionized water (distilled water), and the like. The main function is to improve the taste of the smoke oil and make up for the deficiency of the essence.

5. Nicotine: The main role is to alleviate the cravings and produce a throat sensation. The concentration of nicotine in tobacco oil is generally 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. The higher the number, the higher the concentration of nicotine per ml of smoke oil, and the stronger the throat feel. Those who have a high degree of craving can choose a high concentration, slowly from high to low, and finally get rid of nicotine completely, and achieve the purpose of quitting smoking.

Imitation cigarettes, e-cigarettes also contain nicotine, making it taste closer to cigarettes. Secondly, the natural oil of plant oil glycerin, medical grade propylene glycol natural extraction of nicotine natural flavor nicotine salt content: 30mg/50mgPG (propyl dimethyl) IVG (glycerol) ratio of 5.5. However, there are no carcinogens such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals and tar burned by traditional cigarettes.

      Because e-cigarettes have become popular in recent years, e-cigarette manufacturers have created many different types of flavors to meet the needs of consumers in order to satisfy the tastes of different consumers.

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