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Can smoking e-cigarette products really save money?

- 2019-03-20-

    Traditional tobacco combines nicotine with ammonia, which increases tobacco smoking addiction by 35 times. Compared with traditional cigarettes, the year after the start of e-cigarettes can save consumers 50-65% of the money. However, consumers must first purchase e-cigarette kits, including vaporizers, batteries and liquids. Since e-cigarettes are relatively unfamiliar to smokers, although they can be purchased online, many consumers go to the e-cigarette suppliers to buy them. Ordinary smokers will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to smoke, and some people count how much money they need to smoke for a lifetime. The result is amazing, reaching about 150,000. For consumers who smoke more or choose high-priced cigarettes. In terms of cost, more. My Scorpio, still quit. Because this is indeed a considerable expense. So can smoking e-cigarette save money?
Real cigarettes don't need to be introduced in detail, so let's see what the e-cigarette looks like.
Electronic cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes are microelectronics technology products, including atomizers, lithium batteries and cartridges. Although some molds simulate the taste of smoke, they are a non-combustible smoke substitute. The principle of generating smoke from electronic cigarettes is through the atomization of smoke oil, which is different from the principle that traditional tobacco is burned. The burning temperature can reach 800-1000 degrees, and the atomization temperature of the electronic cigarette is about 170-200 degrees. Traditional cigarettes can produce a wide variety of decomposed substances at such high temperatures, reaching more than 4,000 species, of which nearly half are unclear. However, the material composition of the electronic cigarette oil can be clearly known. It is composed of components such as nicotine, glycerin, water, and plant extract, and the amount of nicotine can be controlled, so the damage is greatly reduced compared with the conventional cigarette. And can smoking e-cigarette save money? E-cigarettes can be reused. If you just replace the cigarettes, you must save money than real cigarettes. Therefore, buying e-cigarette products can save money more than buying real cigarettes.

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