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How to choose a good e-cigarette product?

- 2019-03-20-

First, the amount of smoke. The structural design of the entire electronic cigarette, air intake, air flow passage.

Second, the length of battery life. Because the battery is associated with the atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of whether an electronic cigarette is excellent.

Third, the shape of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette has a refreshing appearance, strict design and exquisite workmanship, which can give people a pleasant feeling and help to successfully quit smoking.

Fourth, the taste. There are many types of e-cigarette flavors. Taste is the defect of e-cigarettes, but in recent years, the country has paid more and more attention to e-cigarettes, so the taste is closer to real cigarettes. For example, the taste of tobacco is closer to real cigarettes. The mint and fruit flavors are generally preferred by women.

Analysis of common problems in e-cigarette novices:
1: Flavor of smoke oil: generally divided into (fruit) (baking) (tobacco) (mint) and the like. It is relatively easy for the domestic public to accept the fruit oil. However, the taste of this type of baking oil is often greasy, and it is suitable for occasional use of the taste. Tobacco-based smoky oils are generally simulated smoke, or most of them resemble cigars. However, tobacco-based smoky oils are still different from ordinary cigarettes , and cannot extract the taste of ordinary cigarettes .
2: concentration of smoke oil: divided into (0mg) (3mg) (6mg) (12mg) nicotine content, the higher the concentration, the stronger the throat sensation, the higher the concentration may cause you to produce throat reaction. Generally, the lung sucker will choose between 0mg-6mg, most of them will not choose more than 6mg, and the mouth sucker players will choose 12mg. If you feel that the throat is not enough, you can purchase the diluted smoke oil yourself. If the throat is too strong, add VG glycerol to dilute it. Some players are allergic to PG/propylene glycol, which can cause nausea/dizziness after use. This group of people can choose pure VG oil.
3: The difference in the taste of the same bottle of smoke oil: Different atomizers, different structures, different intake air amount and different data may produce different shades. Like me, I basically have fixed data, and then find an e-cigarette that is close to my taste, so that it is easier to distinguish the essence of smoke oil. So novices can try the E- branded e-cigarette products .

4: Woke up: Waking oil is not important for a bottle of smoke oil? Many people say that the smoke oil should wake up to be more mellow, and many people say that the smoke oil will wake up and wake up. For Xiaobian, it is not necessary at all. A bottle of finished tobacco oil leaves the factory, and then it is in the hands of the merchants. It has been a long time in our personal hands, so why should we wake up? However, DIY smoke oil is still recommended to take a few days to pump.
5: Shelf life and preservation of smoke oil: The shelf life of smoke oil on the market is basically about 1 year. So we try to use it within 1 year. The preservation method and our edible beverage principle, try to avoid direct sunlight.
6: The tongue is sweet during smoking: This problem is believed to have been encountered by many friends. This may be condensate, or it may be smoked. What to do at this time, increase the power to make the smoke oil atomize thoroughly, and use the cotton to wipe the drip in the mouth.
7: Atomizer leakage: When the oil leakage problem occurs, the first thing we need to do is to question the quality of the atomizer. If it is a finished core atomizer, first take the finished core and dry it, then After dry burning for a while, after the smoke oil in the core is burned dry, reinstall it, and do not carry out the process of purging the core. This process is very easy to cause the atomizer to leak oil. If it is a DIY atomizer, first check if the amount of cotton is small, and there is no oil leakage caused by blocking the oil inlet hole. The second is to check the apron, thread and the like. .
8: Selection of the atomizer: I will not say the finished atomizer, saying that the novice player can choose the DIY atomizer. It is very important to choose a simple DIY atomizer for beginners, such as dual-drive atomizing smoke, changing bomb atomizing smoke, etc. These are relatively good taste, and the operation is relatively easy DIY. The drip entry is optional.
9: Cleaning of the atomizer: The atomizer that just got the hand is recommended to be soaked in hot water. It can be cooked without boiling. Remember to take the apron out when using hot water. Whenever we have finished a warehouse to replace the smoke oil, wash the glass bin. Other parts just need to wipe it with a paper towel and it will be OK.
10: Paste: The reason for the big taste is that the dry burning of cotton is caused by the supply of smoke oil. The effective solution is to reduce the amount of cotton. Do not put the cotton into a very compact, fluffy and more important.
11: Cracks in the acrylic warehouse: The cause of the crack is basically that the VG ratio is too high, or the smoke oil flavor is corrosive.
12: E-cigarettes are harmless: Really, I don't know, I only know that nicotine in smoke oil is harmful.
13: Choice of power battery: There are too many batteries in the market, I will not explain them one by one.
14: About the problem of playing big smoke and hot mouth: Use metal nozzle at high power, the hot mouth is normal, and it is more effective to replace the nozzle.
15: Atomizer jump resistance problem: Check if the screw of the fixed heating wire angle is not tightened, the wire angle is not too long, and the bottom of the atomizer is not loose.
16: Guide cotton wool.
17: Metal drip problem: The metal drip nozzle is very easy to stick to the mouth. After sticking to the mouth, it will make people look very disgusting. In addition to replacing the drip nozzle, it can only be hardened to wipe with a wet tissue.
18: The atomizer is very hot and spread to the fuselage under high power: You can buy a 510 heat sink for about 10 yuan.

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