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Hua Platinum double drive small smoke

Hua Platinum double drive small smoke

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Double-drive working mode, free replacement, the first in China, a cigarette and two cigarettes. The ceramic atomizing core has a delicate and soft mouthfeel, so that you can stop smoking, the suction resistance is realistic, and the amount of atomization is large. The personalized mouthpiece design, the lips and the mouthpiece naturally fit, when the mouth of the cigarette holder leaves, it feels like a kiss is over. Really smoke the taste, easily replace the smoke, help to quit smoking, no longer have to worry about which brand of e-cigarette is good . Huabai double-drive small smoke is born for addiction, large capacity, and more resistant to smoking. One of our cigarettes is equivalent to two packs of medium cigarettes. Huabai atomized smoke bombs have a variety of flavors, you can experience a variety of wonderful, more flavors, to meet more different personality needs, Huabai atomized cartridges are natural extraction of nicotine salt using healthy nicotine organic salt, so that Avoid nicotine directly into the body to reduce the stimulation and burden of smoking on the human body. Huabai double-drive atomized smoke is multi-protective and safe, 6-fold protection, stable performance and safer use, so you can use it more safely, support multiple charging methods, use micro-c universal interface, and have wide compatibility.

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Hua Platinum double drive small smoke

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