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Hua Platinum novice set small smoke

Hua Platinum novice set small smoke

Product Details

The new electronic cigarette designed for novices, the ultra-small and ultra-thin, the body is only 65+12+24mm, plug and play, easy to carry. Huabai's new hand-packed atomized smoke bombs have a new taste and upgraded to the real smoke, making it easier to replace the smoke, and you can choose from six fashion trends. Novices have a small body and a large amount of smoke, which will bring you rich smoke and rich taste, a more authentic smoking experience, and make you have a good time between the throughput. The novice to install a small smoke is easy to get started, that is, it is suitable for novices, without any cumbersome operation, you can smoke by inserting a cartridge. The novice smoke is equipped with 1.5ml large-capacity cartridges, one can meet the needs of multiple cigarettes, and the food grade materials and spices are used. Long-lasting battery life, built-in 300mAh large-capacity battery, long-lasting battery life allows you to play constantly, heavy sealing and multiple protection without oil leakage. Do not worry about falling off during use. The new-handed small-smoke magnetic cigarette rod design is designed to hold the cartridge tightly and is not easy to fall off. The equipment is fully approved by the national safety certification.

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Hua Platinum novice set small smoke

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